Step and Repeat Definition And Usage

The term ‘Step and Repeat’ comes from photoshop. In photoshop this term is used for duplicating or copying any object; image or text and spacing them. Step and Repeat banners are huge banners that are used as backdrop displays for various events. These banners are mostly used in celebrity shows where all the celebrities, event managers and attendees are photographed. A number of store owners display step and repeat banners outside the vicinity to announce upcoming events or discounts. The images displayed on the step and repeat banners are usually sponsor logos. There can be one or more than one sponsors for an event and their logos are displayed on these banners repeatedly in a stepwise or diagonal pattern.

Usage of step and repeat Banners

The main purpose of a step and repeat banner is to create high visibility for the event or business. It helps emphasize the company logo, the brand name or any sports team name. These backdrops prove to be fruitful when used during special events such as red carpets and media press conferences. The repetitive pattern of the logos makes them visible to everyone. Due to this, the sponsors’ logos are always visible in the photograph, no matter how the people are photographed. These banners are specially designed in such a way to promote the brand name or image of the company or team.
The main difference between banners and boards is that banners are printed on high quality vinyl banner material and can be hemmed or sewn whereas boards are rigid materials. Industry Designs uses Heavy Duty Vinyl for printing its step and repeat banners in order to make them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It provides customized banners to its customers. The company requires customer built logos for printing. It also provides the facility of creating and editing the images to create an attractive impact on the banner. It is available in different standard sizes depending upon the requirement of a business or event ranging from 4 feet x 6 feet up to 10 feet x 150 feet.

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