what is your website url.?
what is the underlying tech for the website (WordPress, cms, custom, files)?
how long has your website been active?
is your website fully responsive?
If your website mobile friendly?
did you submit your sitemap to Google?
What are the 10 most important keywords the company would like to rank locally for?
What is your business address. Please specify what type of address it is: office, store, home, virtual office, PO Box, etc.your name
Do you share this street address with any other businesses (including any other businesses you own)?
Is that the only location of your business? If not, please list the addresses of your other locations and what types of addresses they are (office, storefront, etc.).
Where do you do business with your customers: at your address or at theirs?
Do you have any plans to redesign your site, rename your website, rebrand your business, or move to a new business address in the foreseeable future?
Has your Google Places page ever “disappeared” or taken a severe hit in rankings, to your knowledge?
Do you have access to your Google Places page?
What is the specific city / geographical area you’d like to be visible in, ideally?

What positive indicators have you measured? What negative indicators have your measured?

As soon as you are able:
Can you grant full access at the account level in Google Analytics ?
Can you grant full access to your Google Search Console account ?
Can you grant full access to your Bing Webmaster Tools account?

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