duratrans printing

We offer excellent duratrans printing services and our back-lit printing is above reproach. One reason why we excel is because we own top-quality, high-end duratrans printers. Not only do they create the most error-free and colorful back-lit printed images, but also shiny graphics with no flaws.

Since we do digital printing at an incredibly high resolution range, ensuring a double-pass, you can expect our color images to be striking and black ones to be totally black. Finished duratrans are extremely glossy and alluring. Our back-lit graphics are perfectly done too, and you can view them from the front without a light source.

We do screen and litho printing at a lower rate when you order our back-lit printing in bulk. And you won’t have to worry about the quality of our final product. We have a 3500-square foot plant with great sanitation, and we run all through the day and night to offer you quick and flawless services. Check our art Info page for more details on how to work with us. Send us your graphics or let us produce some for you.

Duratrans / Backlit Printing

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